December 8, 2001
Washington, DC.

I will not be in New York for New Year’s Eve. I will be there in a matter of days.

That’s the big change.

I’ve seen the Pentagon.

It’s going to take me a few days to adequately describe the Pentagon.

It just like any large construction site…except you know.

Three things dictate a change in schedule. One is painfully pragmatic. I’m running up a tab on this journey well beyond what I had planned. The second is deeply personal. Though I have enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and making new ones…though I have at this point a new appreciation for those who are on “my team”…meaning fellow Americans…I simply want to go home.

The third is hard to categorize. I’ve looked at the Pentagon. New York and the World Trade Center is a four hour drive away. December 11th is the three month anniversary of the day our world changed. Ninety Days.

I don’t want to wait. On Sunday evening I’m driving to New York. I will be in Manhattan for four or five days. On Tuesday, December 11th I plan on spending 24 hours down along the periphery of Ground Zero.

I don’t know why.

It feels important.

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