Just a guy, albeit a tad non-traditional. He spent most of his adult life as an actor and musician until a severe allergy to poverty set in. After many consultations with doctors he determined that the only way to minimize the symptoms was to make money, which meant doing something else entirely. He went back to graduate school and received a Master’s degree in Economics.

After that he began a career in the business world, first as a consultant with a high-powered firm in Chicago. Eventually, like any good consultant in the late 90’s he jumped to an executive position with a dot-com. Also, like all good consultants, he helped run that bad boy right into the ground. All the other kids were doing it. Over the last year he has built a successful independent consulting business.

And then some planes flew into some buildings and he decided that maybe there was something more important out there. He put his clients on hold (which in this economy means he has most likely kissed them off forever), packed up his truck, kissed his wife goodbye, and hit the road.